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I'm Ronnie Brown. In 1997 Anita and I opened Clean Zone. With three kids (one only six months old) running around our home, we were committed to creating a healthy indoor environment. This had a direct impact on the cleaning agents and methods we used in our business. 20+ years later, creating a healthy indoor environment is still our goal. More Green-More Clean!

Chipped Granite Countertop Repair in Gainesville FL

By cleanzone102561, Aug 8 2018 01:49AM

Stone is a great choice for countertops and adds beauty and functionality to kitchens and bathrooms. While granite’s durability makes it a great choice it, like other stone, is susceptible to chipping, especially on the edges. If this happens give Clean Zone a call. We repair nicks, chips and gouges. The repair is ready to use immediately. If your granite, marble or quartz counters look dull, we can polish them and bring them back to life.

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