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I'm Ronnie Brown. In 1997 Anita and I opened Clean Zone. With three kids (one only six months old) running around our home, we were committed to creating a healthy indoor environment. This had a direct impact on the cleaning agents and methods we used in our business. 20+ years later, creating a healthy indoor environment is still our goal. More Green-More Clean!

Travertine,Terrazzo, Marble and Granite Restoration and Polishing in Gainesville and North Central Florida

By cleanzone102561, Sep 10 2018 09:58PM

While natural stone is a beautiful choice for flooring and countertops it can be susceptible to scratching and dulling over time.

You may have heard the terms: Stone refinishing; Stone Polishing and Honing; Stone restoration, these

are all terms used to describe the process of returning natural stone to a beautiful Honed or Polished


If you notice that your travertine, marble, terrazzo or granite has become dull and in need of restoration we are your home town Stone Polishing and Restoration Company.

Even though each type of stone is very different in color, hardness and porosity, they all get dull and discolored over time. The dull appearance is usually due to an accumulation of fine scratches.

Acid based spills my also stain and etch many types of stone. When this happens the stone must be restored/polished by using diamond abrasives.

At Clean Zone, we use diamond resin pads on a machine specifically designed to hone and polish natural stone. We start with one of the low grit, grinding and honing diamonds (50, 110, 220, 400), then proceed with the polishing diamonds (800, 1500, 3000 or higher) and finally finish with a specialized Italian polishing powder.

If you want to use a local, family owned and operated company to bring your natural stone back to life Clean Zone is the company the call.

If you would like to know more, call Ronnie or Anita at 352-380-0102.

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