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I'm Ronnie Brown. In 1997 Anita and I opened Clean Zone. With three kids (one only six months old) running around our home, we were committed to creating a healthy indoor environment. This had a direct impact on the cleaning agents and methods we used in our business. 20+ years later, creating a healthy indoor environment is still our goal. More Green-More Clean!

By cleanzone102561, Sep 17 2016 06:41PM

Carpet lasts the longest when it is vacuumed weekly and professionally cleaned regularly.

But If it's been too long, we can come to the rescue. We are experts at restoring carpet that needs a facelift.

If you think your carpet is too far gone let us give it new life.

We are certified professionals who have studied textile cleaning for nearly twenty years and we would love to save your carpet.

By cleanzone102561, Sep 17 2016 01:27AM

We have been cleaning carpet, upholstery, tile and grout in Keystone Heights and Melrose for almost 20 years. Many cleaners have a travel charge to provide services in these areas but we are happy to take care of old and new customers in this part of north central Florida.

By cleanzone102561, Jul 25 2016 06:27PM

Make sure that no harsh acid is used on your grout and stone! Acid will etch grout and damage stone. We have seen a lot of damage to stone and grout over the years from those attempting to clean without understanding that alkaline agents should be used to avoid damage.

We have the experience and training to clean your stone, tile and grout and achieve the best results without causing damage.

By cleanzone102561, Jun 25 2016 02:34PM

Fiber manufacturers have done a fantastic job of creating carpet yarns that can hold a lot of soil and still reflect light. This means that your carpet can be dirty but still look clean. Abrasive soil that remains in carpet can grind away at the fibers and shorten its effective lifespan. In addition, the longer a spill is left on your carpet, the greater the chance of it becoming permanent. So don’t wait until your carpet looks “bad” to have Clean Zone remove the hidden soil.

By cleanzone102561, Jun 24 2016 02:44PM

The picture below is a side-by side example of carpet that is being restored to an acceptable condition. We are happy to help all clients with any carpet, upholstery, rug, tile, grout or stone cleaning needs. If your carpet has gotten out of control, don’t despair! We have the expertise to handle any situation.

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